The Band:

Brent Stabbs, Jake Vest, Toby Vest, Greg Faison, & Greg Roberson 


Full Lengths:

"3 July" (CD/Digital 10 songs)
Release Date: Oct 2013

Trashy Creatures Records TCRCD 008 


Brent Stabbs of Scissors & The Cuts talks about "3 July"

Q: What is the significance, if any, in the album’s title "3 July"?

A: 4th of July is my favorite holiday--somethin’ about the fireworks--but it’s the rising excitement leading up to it of which I’m most fond. I like the feeling of hope & the expectation of somethin’ big being right around the corner.

Q: All of the members of Tiger High joined you in the studio for this album, how important was it for you to have them as the backing band on this record?

A: Couldn’t have done it without them. Would’ve tried, and would’ve hated it. I grew up with Jake & Toby, and Jake’s been my right-and-left-hand man for some time now. Toby (the boss of High/Low Recording) is an absolute steadying force; he’s the true MVP of this album. Add in the professionalism & enthusiasm of the Gregs (Faison & Roberson) and it amounts to a group of people who’ve been longtime collaborators but even longer-time friends and trash-talkers.

Q: With “3 July”, you have produced a record that sounds absolutely timeless. It sounds fresh and current but also sounds like it would not have been out of place thirty years ago. Is that a fair statement?

A: Very fair. I knew forever that I wanted to make a classic windows-down driving album. And I got exactly what I wanted. I don’t hesitate to say that it stands right next to any of my all-time favorite records. Most who’ve heard it tell me that a certain song or a certain aspect of the album reminds them of the music they listened to when they were growing up, coming of age or fallin’ in love.

Scissors & The Cuts 10 song debut record "3 July" is available through the Trashy Creatures Records secure web store or for Digital download through the Trashy Creatures Records Digital store

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#52 on the Top Albums of 2013

International Pop Overthrow January 2014


"3 July" went to number 1 on WRFS in Savannah, GA and Top 30 charts at 22 stations including: WWVU in Morgantown, WV (#23 Peak), WXCI in Danbury, CT (#25 Peak), KUMD in Duluth, MN (#27 Peak), WGMU in Fairfax, VA (#11 Peak), WVMW in Scranton, PA (#14 Peak), WTBU in Boston, MA (#20 Peak), and KSLU in St. Louis, MO (#25 Peak). A total of 130 plus college stations played our new record

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