released 29 May 2012 

Side A 

Take A Chance (Main) 
Stop (Main) 
I Won't Play The Clown (Main/Moran) 
Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Main) 
What Can I Do (Clayton) 
Hey Sue (Main/Moran) 

Side B 

Look Who's Laughing Now (Main/Moran/Clayton) 
Judy (Main/Moran) 
Protect Your Love (Main/Moran) 
So Happy (Main) 
Won't Mind Waiting (Clayton) 
Just A Matter Of Time (Main) 

The Late Show: 

Mark Moran – Lead Guitar, Vocals 
Don Main – Lead Vocals, Bass 
Rick Clayton – Lead Vocals, Guitar 
Chris Pyle – Drums 

Produced by: Greg Riker and Mike “Tooch” Petrucci 
Engineered by: “Tooch” at Soundsmith Studios in Indianapolis 
Mastered by: Gregory Bogantz 
Art and Design by: Bill Brunt for Private Eye Studio 

Reissue Credits: 

Reissue Produced by: Greg Roberson for Trashy Creatures Records 
Remastered by: Brad Blackwood at Euphonics Masters Memphis, Tn 
Reissue Art & Design: Josh Breeden for Trashy Creatures Records 
The Late Show Logo by: P.J.Yinger 

Analog to Digital Transfers: 

“Portable Pop”: Shannon Lynn at Charis Music Group 
Bonus Tracks: Rob Grayson at Wilkerson Sound 

1978 Bonus Tracks: 

If You Stay (unreleased 1978) (Main) 

Produced & Engineered by: Greg Riker at TRC Studios 
October 13, 1978 

Judy (Alternate Version 1978) (Main/Moran) 

Produced by: The Late Show 
Engineered by: Greg Galloway at Neon Cornfield 
December 12, 1978 


Don Main – Bass, Lead Vocals 
Mark Moran – Guitars, Backup vocals 
Mark Cutsinger - Drums 

1979 Bonus Tracks: 

Say Hello (unreleased 1979) (Main) + 
Stop (Alternate Version 1979) (Main) * 

Produced by: Skeet Busher 
Engineered by: Mark Copenhaver 
Recorded & Mixed at Soundsmith Studios in Indianapolis 1979 


Don Main – Bass, Lead Vocal 
Mark Moran – Guitar, Backup Vocals 
Chris Pyle – Drums * 
Mark Cutsinger – Drums + 
Steve Lester – Keyboards, Backup Vocals